ACT announcement Report 2013: Forest Trail Academy exceeding scores in National and State schools

ACT announcement Report 2013: Forest Trail Academy exceeding scores in National and State schools

Forest Trail Academy was on time Square on September 12th,13th and 16th 2013 with exciting announcement of ACT’s Report about Forest Trail Academy exceeding scores in National and State schools


Forest Trail Academy – Nationally Accredited Online High School

High school education is one of the top concerns every parent plans for. After all, high school is what prepares students to enter the professional world. Whether public or private school, homeschooling, distance learning or an online high school; these are options every parent has to consider. Such decisions can be very tedious. That’s where Forest Trail Academy offers you a shoulder to carry that load. The value of a high school diploma cannot be understated. It is every student’s stepping stone to a bright future ahead. At Forest Trail Academy, we understand that and we make sure each student is provided every opportunity to excel and achieve our common goal – academic excellence. We channel our efforts to achieve that one objective – to ensure that No Child is Left Behind.

Technology vs. Brick-and-mortar

Conventional classrooms lay way too much impetus on grades, which doesn’t leave much room for focusing on other learning aspects vital to a child’s overall development. It’s no wonder that more and more people are opting out and going in for alternative educational methods such as homeschooling and online learning. Students who opt for alternative learning solutions such as an online high school or even homeschooling are given an opportunity to explore different avenues. This practice gives importance to the entire process of learning and instills a sense of creativity and individual thinking. Ultimately, this leads to nurturing and fostering the child’s sense of self-confidence and responsibility. Today, degrees earned via either mode of education are given equal importance. As long as your online high school diploma is from an accredited online high school, universities, colleges and even employers will recognize and accept it. That’s because online education not only imparts the required knowledge but also gives students a head start in cultivating skills such as critical thinking and time management. These are all skills that are very vital and crucial to building a successful career. Traditional schooling also makes it harder to monitor peer groups and social interaction. At Forest Trail Academy, we’ve created an online social network that’s completely secure and allows you to keep tabs on your children without causing them any embarrassment. They are free to interact with students from different age groups studying online, which helps nurture a sense of belonging and it’s all done in a secure environment. Our online technology platform makes e-learning a fun and interactive experience. Students no longer need to be forced to attend boring lectures. They can learn all they want via our online high school courses. And you, as a parent, will no longer have to worry about your child throwing tantrums about not wanting to go to school because at Forest Trail Academy, we bring our school to you. In our online schooling environment, parents are always encouraged to interact and communicate freely with our teaching staff and student counselors regarding any concerns they may have. We value your inputs as a parent and want you to be a part of your child’s educational journey. At Forest Trail Academy, we believe that no challenge is too big to overcome as a team. Together, we make sure every person working on our team is focused on that single objective of helping students achieve their educational goals.

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